How To Remove or Hide Categories from the Default Category Sidebar Widget in Wordpress

This is a lot easier than one might think but there is a lot of misleading (due to older versions of Wordpress being different) information out there - so I decided to post this once I pieced it all together.


1.  Find the category that you want to exclude - you need the category number specifically.

2.  While many people find editing core functions of Wordpress intimidating - it isn't that bad and sometimes is easier than a plug-in that you will then need to worry about updating, etc...

3. Go to your core Wordpress code on your host and navigate to the wp-includes directory.


4.  Open the file:  default-widgets.php


5.  Search for the phrase "wp_list_categories"


6.  The full phrase you should see there will look like "wp_list_categories(apply_filters('widget_categories_args', $cat_args));"


7.  Right before that phrase, type the following:




8.  Careful of all the syntax, don't forget the semi-colon there at the end (see above).


9.  You can add any other filters by doing the exact same thing just repeated - they are all listed here:

If they didn't want us editing core files, then why not put some of these options in the default widget?

Need a fix to get categories out of your RSS Feed or Home/Category pages?  Try

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