It turns out that they picked on the wrong industry.

Good Afternoon. I'm writing to you as a way of introducing myself as the incoming President of the Board of Directors for the Performance Marketing Association - and to introduce my ideas for how to best position the PMA to be a positive force for our industry.

It turns out that they picked on the wrong industry. Throughout this past year, the Affiliate Marketing industry has come together to fight for ourselves with regards to the “Affiliate Nexus” tax – and we have won on many fronts. A great deal of gratitude goes to the PMA, which played a critical role in assembling the masses. Our biggest victory was in our ability to gather our numbers, contribute to a single cause, and come together as an industry despite the wide diversity in our industry.

As the incoming President of Board of Directors for our Performance Marketing Association (PMA), I am writing to you today to let you know what we did well in 2012 – and to let you know how much we need your help in the coming months and years.

We are working for you, but we need your help. Very specifically, there are 3 things you can do to help us continue to fight for victories in our industry.

1. Donate and Contribute to the Fight. If you want to help but are short on time, the PMA needs you to donate funds. Those funds help us fight the lawsuits and negotiate the victories for our industry. Every contribution helps. We'll take care of the lawyers, briefings, and all the other heavy lifting for you! Click here to contribute

2. Get involved – How?

  • · Run for the Board of Directors, we need smart, committed people to help us position the PMA in the best way to help the industry.
  • · Let us know you'd volunteer! Just register with us as a possible helper in certain States where we might need grassroots help – let us know you’re available and willing to help and we'll let you know when the time comes!


3. Tell others. Send this to others in the industry and let them know how important it is to make sure we have an industry organization to represent us when needed. You can start, by forwarding this email.

Not sure why you should donate your time or money to the PMA? Take a look at what we accomplished in 2011-2012:

Kept Affiliates in California In Business

The PMA was instrumental in negotiating with the California Board of Equalization (the agency that oversees sales tax collection in California) to make sure that when their new law went into effect on September 15th, 2012 – Affiliates could stay in business. The negotiated process allows for California Affiliate Marketers to continue working with out-of-State retailers and more information can be found here.


The bottom line: Without the PMA working on behalf of Affiliates in California, the damage from the legislation would have been immensely worse. Affiliates are able to maintain business in California with limited restriction…a HUGE with for Affiliate Marketers in California.

Defeated the State of Illinois – Affiliate Nexus Ruled Unconstitutional

The PMA filed suit in the State of Illinois claiming that the recently enacted legislation that Illinois put forth to collect sales tax was unconstitutional. With a coalition of PMA members contributing to the fight, the judge ruled in our favor.



The bottom line: Without the PMA, this lawsuit would not have been filed and Illinois’ law would have remained unchallenged.

Defeated the Affiliate Tax in Minnesota

On May 12th of this year, the Minnesota legislature declined to include proposed Affiliate Nexus Tax language in legislation.


The bottom line: Without the PMA, this language likely would have gone unchallenged as two major retailers - Best Buy and Target - call Minnesota home. The above mentioned lawsuit in Illinois had a major role in indicating to the Minnesota legislature that the PMA was an important voice.


A Federal Solution – with the PMA at the Negotiating Table

Great strides have been made in Washington D.C. this year with regards to the proposed Federal level solution to the nexus tax predicament. Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois led this charge and was inspired to do so based on the PMA’s representation of itself during the Illinois State-level fight.


The bottom line: Without the PMA, this issue would not have been nearly as far along as it is in Washington D.C. A Federal solution is the only solution that can end this argument forever and allow Affiliate Marketers to move on with a clear and competitive marketplace.



To finish, we are making a difference in the lives and business of Affiliate Marketers all across this country. There are, quite simply, fights and issues that only an industry organization can address. We are an industry of smart, innovative and successful people and businesses – please consider using some of your resources to give back to the industry that supports you.


I look forward to working with you in the coming year,


Brian Littleton


Incoming President of the Board of Directors - Performance Marketing Association

Tell others. Send this to others in the industry and let them know how important it is to make sure we have an industry organization to represent us when needed. You can start, by forwarding this email.

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