Lonesome George - Last of his species dies @ 100

So, about a million years ago when I was starting my first business - I needed a theme, a logo, an inspiration.   Lonesome George became it - not sure why I felt that a slow, old, possibly anti-social turtle was a good mascot for a new technology company.... but we went with it for years.   If I find one of my old business cards in the next little bit I'll post it up...


Scientists estimate he was about 100 years old.
No one knew if he was gay, impotent, bored or just very shy. He mostly ignored the female company provided to encourage him to breed, kept his 3ft scraggy neck down in the long grass, and only responded to his keeper, Fausto Llerena, who runs a tortoise breeding centre.

UPDATE: Photos of rememberances that have been put up.

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