The Internet Ink of Things

Social media has made it really easy to share opinions that we never would have shared before - and I think that is actually great!  I'm NOT here to tell you that I think you should stop expressing your opinion.

What I AM suggesting - is that you utilize the tools that you have on Facebook and other platforms to make sure that you are also not alienating, or otherwise harming relationships with customers or potential customers.

Never make it harder for your customer to love you. That's my advice.

Business contacts, and political discussion, should really never mix.  Quite simply, there are no positive outcomes.  

Some ways you may be able to do this:

  1. Stop mixing your FB business contact friends with your FB real-life friends.  You may think these are all the same but they really are not.
  2. Just stop posting or commenting in political threads.  This is always an option, but not necessary when you have tools at your disposal which are...
  3. When you post a thought or article that may be political in nature - use the tools available to make sure that you are not sharing heated and political content with your business contacts.  On Facebook, all you have to do is use the "Custom" sharing tools and you can save yourself potential business headaches.  Check out the screenshot below you can see how to share more selectively.

Use the "Custom" sharing tool to make sure you don't mix business with political discussions...

The ink of the internet is permanent, and quite simply you will never know when you have possibly harmed a business relationship, or a chance to connect with a potential customer.

It can happen faster than you think. 

If you're currently thinking "I wouldn't want to do business with someone who didn't share my opinion" ... think again.  No matter what your opinion on just about anything, assume that about 50% of people everywhere disagree with you.  That's normal, and perfectly acceptable in society.  If you plan to run your business by first alienating or removing 50% of the possible total market - well, I guess you can ignore this post.  :)

Again, never make it harder for your customer to love you - not when it is so easy to use the tools that are already out there on the internet allowing you to both exercise and share your opinions ... while also at the same time maintaining a level of caution and pause in the business world.  

This post, by the way, is not political.  It aims not at any political group, party, opinion, etc...  We've all experienced an unprecedented level of news and social media regarding today's political environment and in a lot of ways that is great to see.  Now, everyone go share a picture of a kitten or something!  

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