Things I Miss About the Vintage Web

#1 Websites with ~ in them.

My own personal page had one... I think I was:


Sadly, that goes nowhere now.   I'm sure it looked just as cool as this ~ website.

#2 Netscape Navigator 3.0 (Gold!)

Surfing the web AND being able to edit web pages all at once? What an amazing concept. Actually, what I miss most is the comforting little wagon wheel thing.

Check out the full history of browsers - amazing image timeline!!

Via -

#3 Jeeves. Yes, I miss him.

Jeeves added personality to the search... while maybe not the best at actually searching... he was a clever fellow nonetheless! Side note - take a look at this site which offers an awesome look at the history of search engines!!!

#4 This Sound

It was so much fun to figure out how fast things were going to go based on all the little noises... like a game within a game!

The Dial Up Noise - YouTube

3 minutes, 25 and a half seconds of nothing but the dial up noise.

And all these great soundbites from AOL

AOL 9.0 Sounds - YouTube

These are all the AOL 9.0 sounds you may hear!

#5 All the Fun Graphics and Pictures

Like the ever popular "Under Construction"...

#6 Original Animated .GIFs (2 states only please!)

While finding the perfect example - I stumbled upon this version of Lego's homepage (yes, the real one!!) from quite some time ago... Beautiful!

#7 Rainbow Horizontal < HR > 's

#8 Counters!

Credit the site below for continuing on and providing this service still today!

#9 Matt's Script Archive

Ahh...the good days of Perl Scripts.   What would we all have done without Matt's wonderful site!?


Before the luxury of Facebook came along to help us kill time... Alt.TV.Simpsons had every little soundbite, icon, image, and whatever else we needed !

#11 Napster!

While the days of downloading 73 different concert bootlegs of the same song may be over... still redirects to brand-new ShareASale Merchants Rhapsody - check them out!

The following sites have some great blasts from the past as well - check out for further reading

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